Javan R1

Unfortunately for some businesses, especially in the automotive industry, bankruptcy is an inevitable outcome due to dwindling sales numbers or poorly designed car ideas. The Javan R1 is a stunning little car that is sheer proof that sometimes, things that are thought to be gone forever may not be what they appear. Base MSRP $45,830


Rising from the ashes of Strathcarron Sports Cars Company, which unfortunately closed its doors in 2001, the Javan R1 is a limited production sportster that traveled across oceans from Great Britain to grace America with its beauty. Beginning with Strathcarron Sports Cars’ SC5-A road car that debuted in the late 1990s, the SC5-A can thank Javan Smith for purchasing the rights to the SC5-A car molds and aluminum monocoque design. Javan Smith, a 1:8 scale racecar modeler took those molds and designs and created his version, his own design. With sleek lines and curvaceous arches, the Javan R1 will glide right under any wind resistance. The small body sits on large, 18-inch wheels and at the rear, a carbon wing adds to the down force of the overall car. Having no roof, two roll bars sit above the driver and passenger to protect them from any rollovers.


Taking a closer look inside the R1, everything has been left relatively bare in order to save weight. The floors of the Javan are bare, showing only aluminum, the sport seats are extremely minimalistic but still feature a 4-point harness on both seats. Everything inside has been left simple in order to maintain rigidity and save as much weight as possible.


Javan Smith decided to opt for a Honda Civic Type-R four-cylinder engine instead of using a motorcycle engine. This engine allowed Javan to produce 220 horsepower, which is then funneled through a six-speed manual gearbox. Combined with the light-weight of the Javan (1,477 pounds) R1, reaching 60 mph only takes 3.4 seconds, while reaching 100 mph takes less than 10 seconds at only 9.8 seconds to 100.


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Javan R1