PSC Motors SP200 SIN

Conventional gasoline drivetrains, while still very much present in today’s world, are being trumped by vehicles that have additional electric motors, adding to the performance numbers and the car’s overall efficiency. Automakers continue to raise the bar for performance, horsepower, and output higher and ever before. PSC Motors, a Las Vegas-based supercar startup, teased the public with a short preview of their new SP-200 SIN which boasted some hair-raising figures. The car is planned to start production by 2016.


Based on the images that PSC Motors has released, the exterior features a mixture of aluminum and carbon fiber in the construction of the bespoke chassis in order to reduce weight. Every arch and line has been crafted to be as aerodynamic as possible, allowing the car to cut through the air and stay as glued to the ground as possible. Huge air inlets in the front fascia allow air to cool the brakes and pass through the front of the hood, pushing the front end down. Small, carbon mirrors are sharp and blend seamlessly with the look overall aggressive look. At the rear end, dual exhaust tips are centered in the rear bumper above the carbon rear splitter. Above that splitter sits two more air outlets, allowing for the hot air to pass from the brakes and engine. LED taillights and an LED third rear brake light add a racecar look to the back. Along the sharp side panels are a pair of large air vents, similar to a Lamborghini Aventador’s, that allow for cool air to pass into the wheel well, cooling the rear brakes and giving cool, fresh air to the engine.


Among the incredible numbers boasted by PSC Motors is an insane targeted horsepower goal of 2,400 horsepower. 1,700 of that horsepower will come form 9.0-liter V8, meaning that the other 650 horsepower or so will come from the electric motor. Weight is speculated to be around 3,100 pounds, so reaching 60 from a stand still will only take 2.6 seconds and with all that power, the expected top speed is said to be around 280 mph.


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PSC Motors SP200 SIN