Oxboard Two-Wheeler

There is constant innovation happening every day in the continually evolving battery technologies industry. Many companies have come to the realization that there is a constant need for innovation and new ideas. Designed by a company headquartered in the Netherlands, the OXBOARD is a handleless device that blends the act of skateboarding with a Segway. Base MSRP $860


Looking at the OXBOARD, it is a simple, straight-forward design with a wheel on either side of the platform. There is an area clearly marked where the driver is meant to place his or her feet. Each wheel features a modern hubcap design with wells in each wheel, providing coverage so that the riders have some sort of protection while they are riding. In order to steer the device, each side moves independently. At the front of the device, LED lights illuminate the path ahead for when it starts to get dark outside. Dimensionally speaking, the OXBOARD is 24x9x9 inches and weighs roughly 20 pounds. OXBOARD has three color options available: red, white, and black.


OXBOARD has a battery life of around 12 miles before it needs a three-hour recharge. The manufacturer also notes that it is recommended to only use the OXBOARD in dry conditions. As far as the weight capacity goes, it can carry a max of 250 pounds, although the speeds will be effected by the weight of the rider, slowing down the heavier the rider is. OXBOARD is meant to be a more consumer friendly option to the Segway because of its cheaper price as well as its smaller footprint that is much more conductive to sidewalks.


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