An aftermarket project that started because of tooth disease

Britt Palmer, owner of Palmer Designs LTD., began this project for one reason only. That reason was to fight the serious, deteriorative disease Charcot Marie Tooth disease. In 2010, Britt was determined to fight back and not let this illness slow him down. One night, as he was thumbing through the Craigslist ads, he stumbled upon a 1977 Kingsley GMC motorhome for sale and the ideas immediately hit Brit like a ton of bricks. 1977 Kingsley GMC Motorhome Base MSRP $38,000


The first thing that Mr. Palmer and his team did with the motorhome was hand her over to world-renowned car builder, Dennis McCarty of Vehicle Effects. As far as exterior modifications go, the crew at Vehicle Effects redesigned and hand-built the aerodynamics of both the front and rear end of the vehicle, streamlining and smoothing the outside of the body before repainting it black and adding loads of sponsor branding and logos. A new “MoHo” grille was added, in reference to the name of the car’s project, the Moho Project. The team also streamlined all of the windows by removing the seams of the windows, adding to the car’s overall aerodynamics. A full overhaul of the suspension system replaced the old suspension with new, more modern parts like quad air bag Air Ride suspension, stabilizer bars, and 6-wheel disc brakes.


Inside the vehicle, Vehicle Effects removed everything flammable within the car, including the wheel well cabinets, floors, old wiring and all the appliances. From there, aluminum and fiberglass was used to replace the old flammable parts. A full-length chromoly roll cage from the front to the rear protects the occupants in case of any rollovers. New steering components give the driver more feel to the road through the sport steering wheel. Military grade wiring was installed for use of the HD Reverse Camera system and the Racepak IQ3 dashboard with data logger.


Packed under the hood is a brand new Chevrolet Big Block 502 cubic-inch Ram Jet fuel injected motor, producing 600 horsepower and around 500 lb-ft of torque. Mated to an upgraded TH425 Transmission, reaching 60 mph from a stand still takes around 5 seconds and Palmer’s team drove the car and impressive 120.8 mph at Speed Week on August 12, 2013.


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For more information on the Palmer Designs 1977 GMC 'MoHo' Motorhome or to see how you can help in the fight against Charcot Marie Tooth disease, please visit Britt Palmer's website.

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