AirFlow BulletTruck

We just finished up a coast-to-coast, revenue-producing, real-world, freight hauling run.

Nevermind that test-track stuff. Welcome to the real world.

We loaded in Connecticut and our first stop was in Tracy, California. We ran into 35 mph 3/4 headwinds all the way through Wyoming and 40 mph crosswinds traveling through Utah.

But we still achieved an amazing 13.4 mpg average for the entire coast-to-coast trip.

Here are a couple of pics of the BulletTruck high-definition engine display. The first one is just like it says, a leg from Gary, Indiana to Cheyenne, Wyoming. As you can see in the center top box, we are traveling 55 mph. Upper left corner is the time at 3:04 in the afternoon.

We are doing 14.2 instant mpg at 17% engine load which means we are climbing uphill. Level and straight with no grade we would be 10% engine load and 17.5-18 mpg. But that Instant MPG does not really mean a thing as far as documenting mpg. It is just feedback for my driving. We can make it display anywhere from 3 mpg to 256 mpg depending if I am going up or downhill.

The three numbers in the lower right corners are the key. This is what shows the average mpg for that leg of the trip. They show 950.5 miles traveled since we reset the readout in Gary, Indiana after buying 100 gallons of fuel. We burned 67.4 gallons which shows as an 14.1 mpg average fuel burn. We also averaged 14.1 from Connecticut to Gary, Indiana. I know how to spell Cheyenne when I'm not so sleepy.

Source: AirFlow Press

AirFlow BulletTruck