Vansports Mercedes-Benz Citan

Stylish, sporty and spectacular: "That's the way an urban delivery-van should look like" means VANSPORTS and presents the Mercedes Citan with MetroStream performance accessories and an attractive multicolor foiling. The Mercedes Citan of VANSPORTS by Hartmann Tuning is the perfect vehicle for delivery-heroes. As such the city van is in perfect shape. The specific look of the Mercedes Citan of VANSPORTS by Hartmann Tuning is truly a statement : "I do the job like no other does."

You run a business? Well, take advantage of an rolling buisness card! You can not have a more impressive appearance in public and in the eyes of your customers than behind the steering wheel of a Mercedes Citan of VANSPORTS. Its stylistic features setting the Mercedes Citan on the pole position, promising reliable express-delivery right on time. So, shift into a higher gear and speed up your job with a delivery-van. which looks really fast even when it does not move at all!

Who wants to vaccinate the style of the Mercedes Citan with a dose of cool dynamics, makes the right choice with the MetroStream design program.

Thanks to the sportive Citan driver receives an exclusive look of the grill and a spoiler set (front and rear) as well. Also available are side skirts and a sport suspension with a lowering of the car of 25 mm front/rear. You're are looking for more horsepower too? No problem: VANSPORTS offers Chip-Tuning-Power-Kits for all Citan-Engines. Even more driving pleasure promises the VANSPORTS electronic accelerator pedal-kit, which optimizes the standard signal. This allows the motor a significantly shorter reaction.

Source: Vansports Press

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