Maddox Pulsejet Lakester

This car was built as a functioning work of art, not to set records. There are no classes for the thrust powered car at the dragstrip or on the lake beds. This is a car for the collector who likes the unusual. You can set this car in a line of half million dollar cars and everyone will be looking at the wild jet car! It can be taken out and fired up for exhibitions from car shows to air shows. With six feet of fire out the tail pipe and as loud as a top fuel dragster, it really has the WOW factor.

What this car is based on:

In 1944 the Germans started producing the world's first cruise missile, the infamous V-1 (vengeance weapon) or "Buzz Bomb." It was powered by a single Argus Pulsejet engine, producing about 800 pounds of thrust. The 5,500 pound, 28 foot long missile had a cruise speed of 400-450 mph. This car has the same size engine, just better looking. Due to the sleek aerodynamics, post war land speed car builders started building cars from the shells of the long range drop tanks used on the fighter planes. These were called the "Drop Tank Lakester" and this is the only jet powered Lakester in the world.

Builder - Robert Maddox Robert is the leading designer builder of Pulsejet Engines and Pulsejet powered vehicles and has been featured in many articles, magazines and TV spots including a Mythbusters episode.'s Autotopia calls him their favorite daredevil.

Randy Grubb

Randy is one of the top 15 of car builders in the US, having built wild cars like the B-702, Jay Leno's Tank Car, Pissed-off Pete, the Decoliner, Rocket 3 and many more.

The Lakester.

Body…. Bottom skin is a WW2 P-38 Lightning fighter Plane drop tank. Top skin is aluminum custom hand formed by Randy Grubb.

Chassis.. 1-7/8 steel roll cage custom built by Robert Maddox and Randy Grubb.

Suspenion.. Drop front axles front and rear (the rear is locked out and solid, no suspension) front is leaf spring.

Tires.. Goodyear Front Runner 28.0 x 4.5 x 15 rims are 15" chrome military with moons.

Engine.. designed and built by Robert Maddox..Maddoxjets V-1 size Argus reeds style engine, 11 feet long; 304 stainless steel 16 and 14 gauge; fuel is regular gasoline, 2 - 6 gallons a minute through 6 high pressure automotive fuel pumps; throttle is by electronic speed control, adjusting the voltage to the fuel pumps. Thrust approx. 550 pounds static. Ignition (only required to start engine) is 7 million volt spark box. Car is started buy shooting compressed air into the engine with two 11 gal. air storage tanks.

Car overall length is 16 feet, wheel base 10 feet, width 66", height 42." (Note cockpit is small, 5'8" 160 pound person is about max size). Engine can be run from outside of the car for demos.

Source: Robert Maddox/eBay

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