Ford F-150 Platinum

The F-150 has been Ford’s bread-and-butter vehicle for decades. It is the one model that buyers have remained loyal to throughout the Dearborn automaker’s ups and downs. With its introduction of the 2015 version, Ford demonstrates its continued commitment to this iconic brand. The new F-150 remains true to its working man roots while boosting both fuel economy and hauling power.


Ford made headlines when it announced that, for the first time in its history, it would be using aluminum as a major component in its signature truck model. Any worries that this change would undermine the F-150’s legendary ruggedness were misplaced. This is military-grade, ultra-strong, industry-strength aluminum, not the crinkly beer can variety. Using aluminum enabled Ford to shave 700 lbs. from the truck’s weight.

At its heart, though, the F-150 remains a creature of steel, with the fully boxed ladder frame that has set the model apart for many years.


The inside of the new F-150 shows a balance between utility and comfort. Ergonomic front row seating enhances comfort on both dirt roads and long highway commutes. Rear passengers, meanwhile, will enjoy the extended legroom. The controls have been reworked to make them easier to operate while wearing work gloves. Available options include a laptop storage compartment and special cubbyholes for everything from pens to cell phones.


Buyers can choose between 2.7 L, 3.5 L V-6, and 5 L V-8 configurations. The new engines include auto start-stop technology, which results in significant fuel savings when compared to past versions. Models equipped with EcoBoost technology are outfitted with powered grill shutters, which stay open to provide extra air circulation when the engine is under heavy load. With its combination of power, economy, and reliability, the new Ford F-150 is a worthy successor to its noble ancestors.


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