High Camp Teardrop Trailer

What are the exterior dimensions of a High Camp trailer?

A High Camp trailer's total footprint is 7 feet wide (outside of fender-to-outside of fender) and 12 feet long (coupler to license plate).The trailer is 5 1/2 feet tall from the ground to the roof.

What are the trailer's interior dimensions?

The trailer's cabin is designed around a standard queen size bed (84" long x 60" wide). There are 40 inches of headroom from the top of the mattress to the ceiling, giving a feeling of spaciousness to an occupant lying down or sitting up.

An important design consideration for our trailers was not overwhelming the cabin with overly large upper cabinets. Many manufacturers overdo cabin storage as a sales point, but end up creating a more cramped, claustrophobic sleeping experience for buyers once they start camping. We believe the cabin is for comfortable sleeping, not storing items that could more easily be organized in the tow vehicle or the tongue box storage.

What are the trailer's dry weight, tongue weight, and GVWR? Can my car pull a High Camp trailer?

A High Camp trailer has a dry weight (without camping gear, clothes, water, propane, etc...) of roughly 1,250 pounds and a tongue weight of roughly 165 pounds.  Most 6-cylinder cars, minivans, small SUVs, and larger trucks can tow a High Camp trailer comfortably. Check your vehicle's manual, or ask your dealer or mechanicwhat your vehicle's tow ratings are. Also consider the  ratings on any hitch installed on your vehicle as they have their own set of specifications.  Generally speaking, just about any but the lightest-duty hitches will carry the tongue weight of a High Camp trailer comfortably.

The GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) for every High Camp trailer is 2,500 pounds. This is a rating that is determined by the maximum weight capacity of the axles and wheels.  Our torsion axles are rated at 2,500 to properly carry the weight of the trailer and gear down the road without excessive bouncing.

Do I need electric brakes for my state's requirements or for safety?

High Camp Trailers has made it easier and safer for you by making electric brakes standard equipment on every trailer.  While most states don't  require brakes on trailers under 2,000 pounds, we believe the small additional cost to add them at the time of construction is more than repaid over time since they reduce wear on your tow vehicle's brake system, which is much more expensive to repair. Besides taking considerable strain off your towvehicle's brakes on downhills and in stop & go traffic, properly calibrated brakes on the trailer greatly improve the trailer's handling during emergency situations and can avoid jack knifing in hard braking situations.

How is the Trailer chassis built?

Every High Camp Trailer chassis is built from 2" x 2" square steel tube. The chassis is fully welded and features a stout 2" x 3" tongue with 2" ball coupler, safety chains, and breakaway activator for the trailer brakes.  The frame is primed and painted with gloss black automotive enamel.  

The chassis is wired with a 7-pin wiring harness that controls all trailer running lights, operates the trailer's electric brakes and facilitates charging of the trailer battery from the tow vehicle's alternator.

How is the trailer body constructed?  What materials are used?

A High Camp Trailer is designed to maximize strength and withstand the elements. All of the wood components are CNC milled for precision from high-quality 3/4" domestic birch plywood.  The particular plywood we use has a formaldehyde-free core and is finished in a durable, zero-VOC clear coat.  We consider air quality in a teardrop trailer an important consideration.  We often hear that our trailers don't have that "smell" that others do and we take great pride in that.

Every High Camp teardrop trailer comes fully equipped with high quality components and is ready to camp in immediately. The list price includes many items that other manufacturers consider accessories, or "options":

Stainless Coleman cooler standard.
Stainless 3-burner cooktop standard.
Electric brakes standard.
Ikea Queen quilt-top mattress standard.
Variable speed Fantastic vent standard.
Large capacity deep cycle battery standard.

Source: High Camp

High Camp Teardrop Trailer