Ford GTX-1 TT Spyder

Is this perhaps the ultimate American sports car? This unique, iconic American supercar is truly a collectors dream and is one of approximately 30 Ford GTX1s produced by Ford authorized coach-builder Genaddi Design Group of Green Bay, Wisconsin before they closed their doors. Genaddi Design Group was the company that was commissioned by Ford Motor Co.’s SVT Group to build the GTX1. The GTX1 is listed in the NADA Guide and the cars are also listed with the Shelby American Automobile Club for collectability. Obviously, it is an extremely limited production vehicle.

At the time, Mark Gerisch the CEO and Founder of Genaddi Design Group, was quoted as commenting, “Turning a super exotic into a phenomenal collector car is equivalent to having the chance to turn back the hands of time and buy a 427 Cobra”, says Gerisch “with the popularity of the GTX1 and what it does for the true driving experience, there is no reason not to upgrade your GT to the GTX1 if you are a GT owner.”

What makes this GTX1 even more unique is its unmatched provenance. After Genaddi came the addition of a chrome and twin turbo package installed on the 5.4-liter V-8 powerplant by Ford GT expert Rich Brooks of The GT Guy LLC in Monroe, Michigan, thus transforming it into a Ford GTX1 TT.

When Rich Brooks finished turning this magnificent vehicle into one that can deliver over 1,000-hp at the engine, it was handed over to Kip Ewing, the famed prototype and launch engineer for the Ford GT. Kip personally added extensive and rare Texalium carbon fiber trim components that have elevated this supercar even further above other Ford GTs and GTX1s. A six-speed manual gearbox increases the input from the driver as it harnesses the power to the road, along with a deft right foot. The Tungsten Gray finish is complemented by the GTX1’s black interior; additional equipment includes air conditioning, power windows, steering and four-wheel disc brakes. It was reported as originally being factory-equipped with all four available options, including the $5,350 painted stripes, the $4,000 McIntosh CD stereo system, the $3,500 lightweight BBS forged-aluminum wheels (have since been chromed), and the $750 color-matched Brembo brake calipers, however, it is equipped now with custom GTX1 painted brake calipers and the stripes are vinyl. To add a further custom touch, on each of the included key fobs has a button that enables blue diode lights on each side of the window over the engine compartment to emit a blue glow through the window when turned on. This unique feature was installed by Rich Brooks as well and is completely invisible unless turned on. The original parts from before the conversion accompany the car in the sale which include the supercharger, exhaust manifolds, catalysts, muffler, and supercharger belt. The owner also adds that the car was converted about three years ago and has been used sparingly since. It would be taken out occasionally to keep the engine fresh and fluids circulating. The car has been recently serviced from top to bottom by Rich Brooks this past fall and hasn't been used since.

Unquestionably, it is now in a class by itself. Moreover, as Ford GTs continue to increase in rarity and price, this near one-of-a-kind opportunity represents an excellent investment for the savvy car collector or that rare, discerning individual who has the desire to own the very best.

Source and Image Credit: Auctions America

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