Dub Box Dinky Dub

Dub Box USA is a new twist on the tailgate camper, family camper, food cart or event cart.  While it might look like we are buying up all the camper vans left in the world, rest assured we are not.  Oregon based Dub Box USA manufactures campers, food and event carts from completely new fiberglass shells (and just a little added bonus….it probably floats!)  So don’t worry VW lovers, your VW camper van may still be out there.

The initial design was born from the American vintage trailer, merged with retro styling and modern conveniences for style and comfort.  And the rest of the design?….well, that’s up to you.
Dub boxes appeal to a wide range of buyers. They are simple, fun, stylish campers that can be enjoyed traditionally at a destination camp ground or customized for small business and corporate use.
Of course what outdoor and sports enthusiast doesn’t want a custom trailer to enhance their experience. And, certainly the vintage and custom car crowd will groove on the nostalgia and the appreciate the craftsmanship.

The food and event cart models are perfect for the entrepreneur looking for an eye catching independent business on wheels.  And, if a business is looking for a portable event cart to strengthen their brand awareness, there is no better marketing tool than a Dub Box.  These are just a few ideas, what are yours?

Dub boxes are lightweight enough to be towed by many vehicles, compact enough to be stored in a garage, the exterior and interior decor is entirely customizable and the layout can be altered to suit the needs of its intended use.

Source: Dub Box USA

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