German Special Customs McLaren P1 Night Glow

German Special Customs presents the McLaren P1 "Night Glow" edition. The exterior of the McLaren P1 “Night Glow” is trimmed by German Special Customs unique aerodynamic kit. The kit includes the spoiler blade protruding forward and the side blades on the newly designed front apron with LED daytime driving lights and large air inlets for cooling, the adjustable XXL rear wing and the roof air-scoop are thus classical insignia of full-blooded racing cars. To match this, German Special Customs also designed the side skirt and the rear diffuser in a clearly incisive manner and integrated air inlets into the rear side walls of the bodywork. The trapezoidal serial exhaust end-pipe of the P1 is replaced by German Special Customs with two round 100-millimeter end-pipes, which reminisces of the driving engine of a fighter jet. The new exhaust system does not only look good, it is also a decisive integral part of German Special Customs’ performance boost of more than 1,000 HP!

Source: German Special Customs press

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