Can-Am Outmoster Concept by Frederic Le Sciellour

The Can-Am Outmoster concept is a conceptual rendering by graphic artist Frederic Le Sciellour.

In its standard setup, the four, 44-inch wheels provide more than enough ground clearance for whatever terrain may come in its way. Snow, mud, and even shallow rivers are no match for the Outmoster's extreme capabilities. In the bed, you also have room enough for two snowmobiles, jet skis, or an ATV.

But in order to haul even more, the Outmoster would have to tack on an extra axel, including two more 44-inch wheels. This provides the added weight support and terrain capabilities from the extra cargo.

Inside, this off-roader is no less advanced. A holographic mapping system in the center console allows for the driver to launch a drone (yes, a drone) from the front of the vehicle and map out the best course of action. The resulting route then displays on the windshield.

Source: Frederic Le Sciellour

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