ATS 2500 GT

The history of the automaker ATS – acronym of Automobili Turismo Sport- is fascinating and exciting at the same time.

Everything started at the beginning of October 1961, when at Ferrari’s in Maranello took over a deep internal crisis leading Enzo Ferrari to dismiss some key characters for Ferrari’s staff.
Two of them were the designer Carlo Chiti and the sport director Romolo Tavoni.

These two men, conscious of their skills and experience, made a bet: create in a short time a new team of Italian sport cars which could rival with the one of Enzo Ferrari. So in February 1962 ATS was born.

In March of the same year, the two men, promptly presented at the Geneva International Motor Show a new Roadster Coupé, the 2500 GT, built in only 15 specimens and subsequently contended by the most enthusiastic collectors in the world.

Unfortunately, in 1964, due to various internal dissensions, ATS stopped its business, in any case with the satisfaction of having enclosed under a unique name the best minds of the Italian car manufacturers of that time, but above all, the satisfaction of having created 15 unique and unrepeatable new cars in cars history.

Fifty years later, Daniele Maritan and his society DM9 driven by an unstoppable passion for racing, renew the brand, bringing to life the same noble company of the past, but with much clearer and innovative ideas.

The new target is to return to the retrò style which characterized those times, respecting the mark’s scent and its philosophy, but at the same time to bring a breath of fresh air renewing lines, engines, interiors and performances.

So the new GT comes to life in ATS house: an innovative last generation sport coupé, with an elegant vintage perfume, created for top performances.

The whole style is classic and modern, the choice of the interiors is sporty and retrò, the quality of leathers and fabrics is highly sought. But the real surprise is represented by the technical choices of this car, that wants to become the new benchmark for high-performance supercars.

With this philosophy ATS wants to bring on today’s roads a new fast and light car, with technical solutions worthy of a race car. It directs to the development of a high-performance racing engine for road use, naturally sweetened even if the pure and raw driving is not filtered or altered by any electronic device. The most innovative materials used, get a high level car with high performances, and the weight is less than 1000kg.

A real flagship for all the cars amateurs, who cannot lose the pleasure of owning a hallmark of quality and design, the luxury of this no age new born and its exciting adventure, but above all to enjoy this luxurious retrò flavor equipped by a great technical content engine, and its Italian Graffiti scent.

Source: ATS press
Photo Credit: Degler Studio

ATS 2500 GT