Trefecta DRT e-Bike

The Trefecta DRT e-bike is here to create the game... not change it.

The frame is designed to the highest standards. The 20” 7075 aluminium frame adheres the demanding norms of aerospace engineering. It’s these premium materials, together with the fully integrated cables and components, which make it a tough e-vehicle and ensure protection from all elements. Its foldability also guarantees easy transportation and broad application to professional needs.

A twin upside down suspension fork with a maximum travel of 180 mm optimizes the DRT for the roughest landscapes. Intelligent engineering provides for minimal frame movement resulting in superior manoeuvrability and an untainted riding experience. Suspension is fully customizable to the needs of the rider by an adjustable travel fork and the ability to change its settings electronically through the handlebar controls and proprietary app.

The DRT’s wheels are exceptionally strong and rigid due to its advanced design and superior carbon fibre material. The interchangeable front & rear wheels feature a quick release mechanism allowing for easy repair and storage. The off-road downhill tires are robust and create minimum rolling resistance, making sure all landscapes are mastered. This way, the quality of both the material as well as the riding experience is prolonged for a significant period.

A top-of-the-line pedelec system makes optimal use of human power at low speeds. The battery capacity and motor power are utilized fully due to a conversion efficiency of electrical to mechanical power of more than 90 %. Efficiency is enhanced by an innovative brake-energy recuperation system, extending the range of the vehicle significantly.

A 4 KW (Peak) sealed floating drivetrain with an integrated Rohloff 14 speed gearbox in parellel and a patented Smesh-Gear the fervour of the DRT. It results in an adequate performance, reaching top speeds of 70 km/h with a total payload of up to 160 including the rider. The fly-by-wire controls further distinguish the DRT.

In case of a hybrid e-bike the term battery is synonymous with the term range. The usage of highly advanced solutions provides a range of 100 km over mixed terrains, without pedalling, making the DRT unsurpassed in the field. One way this is achieved is its ability to recharge during braking and down hill riding. For excessively long rides a quick release interchangeable battery pack makes sure the range of the vehicle can be extended to match. In one hour the vehicle is charged up to 80%. Something to be done over lunch..

It’s the flawless connectivity between man and machine through the mobile integration that makes the DRT a true hybrid. A stylishly incorporated smartphone dock fitted within the exoskeleton frame creates a streamlined integrated finish. Wireless communication (WIFI, Bluetooth LE,) provides a wide variety of options for ultimate customization. Operating the Trefecta app, it pushes data to the vehicle cockpit display, which allows the user to adjust the vehicle settings to its own preference by the touch of a button. It also offers convenience and security by a digital anti-theft alarm and Keyless Go.

Source: Trefecta press

Trefecta DRT e-Bike