Sourced from one of the first production-spec Veyrons assembled.

When it comes to Bugattis, the Chiron is on everyone’s lips these days, but that doesn’t mean the model before it has lost its wow factor. If you are a big fan of the Veyron, now is your chance to own a tiny portion of it. For £295 (about $385), you can purchase a set of cufflinks made from the aluminum used for an OZ Racing wheel installed on one of the first Veyron production cars.

It’s obviously a limited-edition set and has a 12-spoke alloy wheel design mimicking the look of the actual wheel coming from the donor car in Monaco. TMB Art Metal is hand-crafting these special Veyron-inspired cufflinks with bronze tires, but you can optionally get them with chrome black tires to resemble the real thing.

2005 Bugatti Veyron 1:8 scale model from Amalgam Collection
2005 Bugatti Veyron 1:8 scale model from Amalgam Collection
2005 Bugatti Veyron 1:8 scale model from Amalgam Collection

If you are into Veyron-related merchandise and are willing to pay the premium that comes with a significantly more high-end product, we found a rather stunning 1:8 scale model from Amalgam. It costs £5,700 (around $7,450) and as you can see from the adjacent images, the attention to detail is second to none.

Bugatti UK showroom

They also have one with the Chiron and it’s actually being displayed at Bugatti’s brand new dealership in Berkley Square area of Mayfair, London.

Source: TMB Art Metal

Gallery: Bugatti Veyron wheel cufflinks

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  • Luxury metal crafter TMB Art Metal has created spectacular Wheel Cufflinks made entirely from parts of the Bugatti Veyron
  • Stunning set uses the original aluminium from the front wheel of the lightning-fast Veyron OZ Racing
  • Cufflinks are the perfect keepsake for any Bugatti enthusiast looking to honour the 250mph-plus record-breaker
  • As well as the Wheel Cufflinks, TMB Art Metal is also offering a fabulous set of Essence of Form Cufflinks, which portray the Veyron’s form in all its glory

London, 05 August 2016 – Bugatti enthusiasts have the chance to take a piece of the world-famous sports car brand with them every day by donning a set of exclusive Wheel Cufflinks.

With the launch of the Bugatti Chiron and the opening of the first and only dedicated showroom in Mayfair, the brand’s presence in London has never been greater. And you can pay tribute to modern Bugattis in style thanks to TMB Art Metal.

TMB Art Metal is famous for creating pieces using provenance metal from items such as historic cars, aircraft and other vehicles, and has most recently been in the public eye thanks to its partnership with The Royal British Legion. The company created a series of touching poppy pins made out of British shell fuses from the Somme battlefield, with each paying tribute to a soldier killed during the battle in 1916.

TMB has used its expertise to make stunning cufflinks entirely from parts of an original Veyron OZ Racing wheel. One of the first production Veyrons on the market, the donor car has been based in Monaco, France, throughout its life. TMB Art Metal was offered the opportunity to create the bespoke cufflinks using metal from the original front wheel from the car.

TMB Art Metal used the high-quality aluminium from the wheel to craft a series of cufflinks that recreates the 12-spoke alloy wheel with all the style and beauty of the sleek Veyron itself.

The tyres on the cufflinks are of bronze, which gives them a deep gold colour that contrasts wonderfully with the striking silver of the spokes. The cufflinks are also available with chrome black tyres, which offer the same jaw-dropping appeal.

These hand-crafted and rare cufflinks are a real collector’s item that have been created using passion and millimetre-perfect precision, and they’re ideal for a Bugatti enthusiast looking to honour one of the fastest production cars on the planet in style.

As well as crafting the remarkable wheel cufflinks, TMB Art Metal also used the OZ Racing’s aluminium to put together Essence of Form Cufflinks, which display the Veyron’s shape in all its glory.

Measuring around 23mm in length, these full-car cufflinks feature signature Veyron touches, including a subtle red finish on the nose to represent the signature Bugatti radiator.

All sets are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and represent the chance to wear the very DNA of one of the most iconic cars on the planet.

Christopher Bennett, TMB Art Metal founder, said: “With the launch of the new Chiron, Bugatti has underlined its ability to make the greatest sports cars on the planet. These cufflinks pay tribute to another of Bugatti’s glorious creations, and are a much more affordable way for owners and fans alike to carry a piece of the Veyron around with them.”

The Wheel Cufflinks are priced at £295 and are available by contacting TMB directly.