Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

Those who wish to individualize their car to personal gusto can choose between wrapping and painting, whereas in nearly each case wrapping seems to be the definite winner. The pros of wrapping in comparison to car painting are overwhelming. Both foil manufacturing technologies and foil application are well-engineered. The company at Seelze near Hannover has the necessary experience and can refer to a lot of corresponding testimonials. The company uses only high quality foil protecting the serial painting during the whole time of use against scratches and stone chips. Of course, the foil can be removed without residue, if necessary. The installed especially for these purposes design section makes the individual appearing of each car come true.

This time, the object of desire was a Mercedes-Benz E 63 AMG W212 – a sovereign business sedan with motor sports genes. The full wrapping by was made in anodized-red. Accents like grill or emblems in mat black foiling and the 5% tinting of the rear lamps underline the sportive character. Additionally, the whole front area has been mantled by a transparent stone chip protecting film in order to protect the car wrapping, meaning optimal protection for the wrapping itself and double-protection for the car paint at high speed.

Meanwhile the Swabian super sports car is “forced to its knees” by H&R lowering springs in front, the rear pneumatic suspension warrants for the electronic level control. Furthermore, the E 63 AMG is equipped with three-part LOMA GT1 super-light rims, namely in 9x20 ET31 in combination with 255/30ZR20 tires on front and in 11x20 ET54 with 295/20ZR20 tires on the rear axle. The price per item for these rims is about 1,650 Euro. The mentioned above, as well as many other rims can of course be ordered at

Naturally, the team of as renowned licensed PP-Performance dealer for Hanover and the whole north of Germany lent its hand also in fields of power enhancement. Besides the installation of a racing exhaust system including downpipes, there was made a PP-Performance stage 2 tuning (available for 6,299 Euro). In this case, the engine electronics have been „stage 2“ reprogrammed, the downpipes have been modified, racing filters installed and Vmax unlocked. The result of which was that the 557 serial HP (= 410 kW) became 720 wild horses pawing the ground (= 529 kW) with max. torque increase from 720 serial Nm up to glorious 1,000 Nm. Now, there is only one desire to fulfill – jump in and hit the road.

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