Onewheel Electric Skateboard

Onewheel, the revolutionary electric boardsport that kicked off a crowd-funding campaign at CES2014, debuts its retail product available for order and launches its iPhone app at 2015 International CES. Inspired by the sensation of snowboarding on powder, Onewheel brings a completely new and exceptionally smooth riding experience on or off-road. Onewheel combines breakthrough hub motor technology with an advanced balance-augmentation control system to create a personal digital vehicle at the intersection of recreation and transportation. 

In just ten months since the introduction of the prototype, the company turned the concept into reality and is currently shipping its pre-order units. While overwhelming demand means there is still a waiting list, Onewheel is now available for its next production run of orders to be delivered in February 2015.
The new companion app introduced today at CES2015 uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect Onewheel to the cloud. Riders can wirelessly monitor and customize their board handling using Digital Shaping, creating totally different handling based on riders’ preferences. Onewheel is on display today at the 2015 Digital Experience!, Pepcom’s global media event on the eve of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Much like surfboards are shaped differently to create ideal riding experiences for different riders and conditions, Onewheel’s iPhone app uses Digital Shaping to create the perfect ride. Out-of-the-box Onewheel is set to Classic shaping, which brings tight responsive handling, good range and the added safety of 'push back' for speed regulation. One of the most significant capabilities of the app is that Onewheel is also the first boardsport that enables riders to upgrade their board from the cloud.

All this is accomplished by changing the tuning of the software that controls Onewheel. In addition, the app can be used to monitor battery levels, control the intelligent LED lighting, and connect via social media. “One of Tesla car owners’ favorite features is the ability to upgrade their car through software. It’s magical. With Onewheel, we do the same. We can improve the ride experience and unlock new features with firmware upgrades deployed wirelessly via the app,” says Kyle Doerksen, Founder and CEO of Future Motion.

Advanced Technology and American Manufacturing
• Made in America: Designed and manufactured in California 

• What’s inside: powerful custom-designed brushless hub motor and proprietary 
balancing electronics propel riders up to 12 MPH 

• Recharging: Ultracharger recharges state-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate 
batteries charge in just 20 minutes to provide a range of 4-6 miles 

• Balancing: Solid-state inertial sensors and carefully tuned algorithms balance the 
board to provide a hands-free experience 

• CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum frame and 5 ply Canadian maple footpads 
create a responsive and durable board inspired by a combination of boardsports, 
motorsports and aerospace design influences 

• Dynamic stabilization: riders simply lean forward to drive forward, lean back to 
stop, and press their heels or toes to turn the board 

• Regenerative braking: recovers ~30 percent of total power output 

• Lighting: Intelligent LED head and tail lights guide the way for night rides and 
switch as the rider reverses direction 

• The board’s single wheel is an Italian made go-kart racing slick, a scaled down 
version of a Formula 1 racing tire 
“Onewheel represents a huge shift in the typically stagnant, technology starved world of boardsports,” explained Doerksen. “The first thing you’ll notice when you get on Onewheel is that it’s simultaneously familiar and unlike anything you’ve ever ridden. The technology enables it to ride much more smoothly than a skateboard and carve turns like on snow or a surfboard. And then there’s a sprinkle of hoverboard thrown into the mix. Our first Onewheel owners are already pushing riding into new territory, riding tricks and terrain we never imagined were possible. We’re very excited to see where people will take it.” 
The Onewheel and Ultra Charger can be ordered now with a $500 deposit and $999 balance due upon shipping (+ shipping, tax and duty).

Source: Onewheel Press

Onewheel Electric Skateboard