Lancia Stratos Concept

Together with Hansen Art, BoldRide gives you an exclusive look at what a new Lancia Stratos could entail.

With the Alfa 4C platform already proving to be a little performer, that could be the perfect place for Lancia to start. The 4-cylinder engine might need to be upped to a V6, though, to revive that performance history. Somewhere in the market of 350-horsepower might be the ticket.

Using Alfa’s platform, the Stratos would keep its mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout in tact. A manual version would not be likely.

And then there’s the design— the most integral part of this whole endeavor. A new Stratos would keep many of its signature lines, including the wedge-like front and back, but evolved into a more modern iteration. A lower, wider stance would also make it more performance-oriented than its Alfa cousin.

And of course, where would a new Stratos be without its signature Alitalia racing livery?

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