Hamann Porsche Macan S

High-performance power, long-distance comfort, extravagance: the benchmark figures of the formidable Porsche Macan S Diesel are impressive. For all fans of the dynamic vehicle Hamann’s tuning experts now sets the bar even higher. As is generally known, the model’s name “Macan” was derived from the Indonesian word for tiger – and exactly this tiger Hamann frees from the ties of a series actor.

The face of the Macan, which Hamann presents in the S Diesel version in Geneva, has self-confident traits. The tiger seems ready to jump – an effect achieved by the low line of the front apron and the lowering of the car. Hamann’s aerodynamics attachment emphasises the sharp “teeth” of the Macan Turbo’s standard front and sets distinctive accents. The car refiner’s interpretation of the Macan S Diesel appears well-toned and is coherently continued in powerfully shaped wing extensions making the predator’s body grow by twelve centimetres in width. The side profile is completed by an aerodynamically optimised side skirt that Hamann shaped in a particularly striking manner.

At the rear, Hamann’s tiger is equally packed with muscles. The hind legs gleam with a dynamic composite design trim and the “sharpened” rear spoiler. So much for the prelude. The scene, however, is dominated by the potent “active sound” sports exhaust system impressing with voluminous tailpipes and a hissing V8 sound. It is based on actuators and speakers for an individually adjustable sound experience that will be a real pleasure for sound enthusiasts.

But that is not enough for the individualisation experts from Laupheim – also the engine power of the standard Macan S Diesel can be sharper. The result is overwhelming 300 hp (221 kW) at 4 200 rpm (standard: 258 hp (190 kW), 4 000–4 250 rpm) chasing the mega SUV to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds only (standard: 6.1 seconds) with the Sport Chrono package. The peak torque comes with imposing 670 Nm at 2 500 rpm already (standard: 580 Nm at 1 750–2 500 rpm) making a lot an easy prey for the car.

Power any dynamics guaranteed – also when pushed up to the limit

Hamann’s awe-inspiring interpretation gets under the Macan S Diesel’s skin even further: in line with the Hamann tradition, wheels, tyres and suspension are ideally aligned to provide the ultimate thrill also when driving fast right up to the limit. Sport springs with made-to-measure lowering make the car aggressively hug the road and ensure optimal road contact. The precious metal “Anniversary EVO” wheels in size 10.5 J x 22 lend the car an elegant appearance. The heavy-duty wheel with its filigree multi-spoke design combined with tyres in size 295/30 ZR22 confidently brings the four-wheel drive car’s elemental force to the road. Vredestein’s UltracVorti fulfils 100 per cent of the refiner’s requirements in terms of cornering, grip during acceleration and deceleration, and steering precision. Once focused on the target, the predator sprints through curves and landscapes with breath-taking skilfulness to perform the final overtaking manoeuvre.

For those seeking the exclusive touch in the interior, Hamann is also just the right place to come: in the cockpit and on the headrests, the tuning specialist from Laupheim offers sporty and elegant applications in Hamann’s proven luxury finish. As is usual, Hamann has carefully combined different modules to achieve a perfectly concerted kit. Individual components are also available. Hamann refines the cars, which Hamann retrofits or offers completely, at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.

Source: Hamann Press

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