Citroen Lacoste Concept

This concept car is quite evidently and most deeply a Citroën and, at the same time, typical of Lacoste. It stands for a cross between the automobile world, fashion and sport and, with a twinkle in the eyes of the designers, makes diverse references sometimes to one world and sometimes to another. The technical equipment on board also pulls out playful stops and emphasises the paradox between an austere design and a cheerful tone.

This car continues to feed Citroën's deliberations about this approach amounting to the concentration on the essential and the creation of new types of models which are simultaneously affordable, environmentally friendly and economical and have the ambition to be fun, particularly thanks to an appealing and chic design.

The study is 1.80 m wide and 1.52 m high. The wheel base measures 2.30 m. The drive is provided by a three-cylinder petrol engine.

Source: Essen Motor Show 2013 press
Photograph: Citroën

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