BMW Z3 Cosmotron

The Briton Paul Bacon from Leicester (who had always been a fan of weird automobiles) had a dream: He himself wanted to construct a unique vehicle. Therefore, he bought a BMW Z3 (year of construction: 1998) and began to transform it into a custom car. He needed 18 months for this. From the start, he paid attention to obtaining a licence for normal road traffic.

In principle, only the chassis and the technical equipment (i.e. engine, brakes and steering) were left over from the Z3. The 2.8-litre engine supplies 192 bhp with which the one-off vehicle can drive at 220 km/h. The new bodywork is made of fibreglass with a Plexiglas dome above both seats. Particularly conspicuous: The six-cylinder engine sticks out of the bonnet. His wife Kristy "helped" to design the interior - lots of vinyl.

When Paul Bacon drives his Cosmotron around the neighbourhood, he can be certain of attracting the attention of the other road users. Not least for this reason, he is contemplating building another one-off vehicle.

Source: Essen Motor Show 2013 press
Photograph: Andy Willsheer

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BMW Z3 Cosmotron