Volkswagen Beetle Wood Look

The history of automobiles is not conceivable without the VW Beetle. Precisely 21,529,464 vehicles were built from 1938 to July 5, 2003 (the end of the production in Mexico). This marked the end of an era. The car was already a legend in its own "lifetime". Countless special firms or Beetle fans modified it and built funny and, in part, bizarre vehicles.

As did Momir Bojić from Bosnia-Herzegovina who has constructed a Beetle in a wood look.

The pensioner Bojić needed 18 months to complete his "dream car". Of course, he had had previous experience in using wood materials but working on a car with wood was totally new to him. He utilised over 20,000 oak wood parts. He then glued them on to the ground-off metal bodywork but not without having "sawn off" the roof of the 1975 Beetle beforehand.

This turned the original saloon into a convertible. As far as the technology of the car is concerned, the original engine was not installed but instead a similar four-cylinder engine with air cooling. Otherwise, nothing has changed (e.g. brakes, gearbox etc.). The car is licensed for normal road traffic.

Source: Essen Motor Show press
Photograph: Willsheer

Volkswagen Beetle Wood Look