Kawasaki Ninja H2R

When the Ninja H2™R motorcycle was conceived by Kawasaki, the driving concept behind its development was to offer the kind of acceleration most riders had never experienced. Being “Fun to Ride” is one of Kawasaki’s guiding principles, and while there are many ways for a motorcycle to be enjoyed, strong acceleration was considered to be a major factor in delivering rider exhilaration.

To achieve this goal, the Ninja H2R is powered by a supercharged engine and boasts power output in the region of 300hp. Yet it has a compact design similar to power units found in the supersport category.

Although the Ninja H2R will be a production motorcycle, its huge horsepower means it is only available as a closed-course model. Fitted with slick racing tires, it may not be ridden on public roads and should only be ridden by experienced riders.

The key to achieving the incredible performance lies in the supercharger, which was designed specifically for this application and completely in-house. Its development drew on technologies from other companies within Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (KHI), such as the Gas Turbine & Machinery Company, Aerospace Company and Corporate Technology Division.

Technology created by the KHI Group was not limited to the supercharger. In fact, shared technology from other group companies can be found throughout the all-new engine and chassis. For example, the carbon-fiber upper and lower winglets were designed with assistance from Kawasaki’s Aerospace Company. These parts increase stability when riding in the ultra-high speed range and were critical to the motorcycle’s overall design. This is one example, but the KHI Group collaboration and the level of technology poured into the new motorcycle is why the Kawasaki River Mark* is prominently displayed on the front of the Ninja H2R.

When it came to naming the motorcycle, “Ninja” was an obvious choice because it is synonymous with Kawasaki performance and has been shared by many legendary Kawasaki models over the years. Its model designation is also derived from another iconic model, with its 750 two-stroke Triple that gave it intense acceleration, making it a sensation around the world: the 750SS Mach IV, also known as the “H2.” For a model designed to offer “the kind of acceleration no rider has experienced before,” Ninja H2R is the ideal name.

Built Beyond Belief. Kawasaki is ready to unleash a new sensation on the world: the Ninja H2R motorcycle.

Source: Kawasaki press

Kawasaki Ninja H2R