Sky Commuter Concept

Ever since the Wright Brothers took flight, a procession of dreamers sought to combine the utility of a passenger car with the ability to fly. This Sky Commuter flying car was built in the 1980s and represents a huge leap beyond the typical flying car concept.

Unlike most previous efforts that were typically based on compact cars with clip-on wings, the Sky Commuter's tricycle road wheels/landing gear are non-powered. Forward movement — whether on the ground or in the air — was to be provided by an onboard gas turbine engine linked to each fan via helicopter-based drive shafts.

Exhaust was to exit out the tail, its thrust causing forward movement. Developed by Boeing engineers, reports indicate that more than $6 million went into the program before it was cancelled. Of the three prototypes built, this is the sole remaining example.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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Sky Commuter Concept