Acura NSX: For Sale

For Sale: 1993 Acura NSX - Exclusive

This 1993 Acura NSX has a mere 47,180 miles on the odometer, and its every bit a sweetheart to drive. It has a 3.0-liter VTEC V6 under the hood, which– combined with the sublime chassis – puts in the category of sportscars that have JUST the right amount of horsepower (270). Think; Scion FR-S, but with badder lines and a top speed of 170 mph.  Only 194 produced with this black on black color combination in that year.

What made the NSX different was that it normalized the supercar. No longer did one have to make sacrifices to drive exotics. A car could be comfortable, and also hang with the big boys. To wit, this car has done track days with the Florida Chapter of the Ferrari Club of America at the iconic Sebring racetrack. Consider that Ferrari owners regard the NSX as a special vehicle, and (due to the fact that Pininfarina designed the NSX, as well as countless Ferraris), the owners of the prancing horse regard the NSX as something of a sibling. Perhaps a perfectly sorted black sheep.

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