Snow Crawler Concept by Michael Bonikowski

Beautiful things may arouse perverse needs in us. Like some park exhibitionists we want to show them to the world around us, whether anyone likes it or not. This is just that kind of a vehicle.

The design is driven by man’s defiant nature and inborn stubbornness to prove those who don’t like winter wrong and give them a good reason to love it.

There’s a plethora of various snow mobiles in the market. Professional, amateur, big, small – you name it. Yet, all of them can be somewhat too chilly and too windy for creature comfort lovers. Here is something more – a perfect marriage of excellent handling, all-terrain-vehicle and a closed cabin for the driver.

The presented version is meant for a single person – but let’s be honest here for a second – would you really care about other passengers while having this beast in your garage? Beauty and pleasure of driving over the functionality and common sense – those are the characteristic features of a super car and of our vehicle.

Sporting an efficient electric drive it will easily take us up the slope (even the ones hardly accessible) or to work by a snowy road forgotten by civilization. So what more would you want? Well, it’s just crossed my mind – snow, more snow!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a little something to stimulate your imagination and let it run wild. See it and start dreaming of the next ice age. Oh and don’t be ashamed to cry out loud: I love winter!

Source: Mindsailors

Snow Crawler Concept by Michael Bonikowski