Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

With never before seen technological innovations and undeniable horsepower, the GT350R delivers a whole new world of driving performance. In embracing 21st-century technology while remaining true to its muscle car roots, this Mustang lays to rest any doubts that the boys from Dearborn are back.


The GT350R has been redesigned to maximize downforce. New additions will include a modified front splitter and carbon fiber rear wing. The hood vents enable heat diffusion and reduce lift, while vented wheel wells, side skirts, and fender vents reduce turbulence, contributing to ride stability.

But perhaps the biggest change in the vehicle’s exterior is what you don’t see. Ford engineers removed any component which did not contribute to the vehicle’s performance. They also added carbon fiber wheels to reduce weight and slash rolling inertia. The result is a lighter, faster, more nimble Mustang for a new era.


The GT350R distinguishes itself from other recent high-performance production cars by the Spartan feel of its interior. The color scheme is basic black, with analog gauges and a racing-inspired three spoke steering wheel. Red accents throughout the cockpit create a striking contrast and emphasize this vehicle’s true purpose: to outdo the competition, both on the street and on the track.


Whoever said that V-6 engines lack power has never seen the beast that lies in the belly of the GT350R. Ford chose a 3.5 L dual turbocharged monster that turns out over 600 horses. Its internal architecture is essentially the same as that which Ford has used with great success in IMSA endurance racing contests.

Paired with a seven speed dual clutch gearbox, those lucky enough to drive this new machine will enjoy silky-smooth gear changes and unsurpassed vehicle control. With a host of performance enhancements and a laser-like focus on quality, this new Mustang is proof that domestic carmakers have what it takes to compete with the world.

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