Ford GT

As one of 12 new Ford high-performance vehicles to be unveiled between now and 2020, the GT sets new standards for production models.


Extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber components throughout the GT bring its weight to an absolute minimum, inducing a more intense driving experience while managing to save a few drops of gas at the same time. Complementing these featherweight components is an all-new, aerodynamically efficient teardrop body shape. One of the coolest new touches is the rear spoiler, which adjusts its height and angle for maximum stability in all driving conditions. Then there are those gullwing doors; they make getting in and out of the new GT as groundbreaking as actually driving it.


From the inside, the new GT looks like the way Gotham’s Dark Knight might design the Batmobile, heavy on functionality and light on eye candy. The word “spartan” comes to mind, though this may imply that Ford skimped when it came to crafting this part of the vehicle. To the contrary, they applied the same design philosophy that guided the rest of the project: keep it simple and to-the-point. With its black-on-black color scheme and simple, almost minimalistic controls, there’s nothing to distract the owner from the driving experience.


By choosing a 3.5 L V-6 to power the new GT, it might seem that Ford chose not to compete with Dodge when it came to building the most bad-ass engine on the street. This perspective, however, overlooks the approach that guided the boys from Dearborn in building the new vehicle. As all devoted gearheads know, sheer power is only one part of the formula for speed. Weight and aerodynamics play just as important a role. But, if anyone doubts that the six-cylinder EcoBoost engine has what it takes, they need only remember that it can churn out 600+ horses, giving it more than enough oomph to run ahead of the pack. With the new GT, Ford has built a groundbreaking performance machine that’s nobody’s chump.

Ford GT