Actor and gearhead William Shatner is creating a truly unique motorcycle for 2015.

It’s called Rivet Motors, and it’s a V8-powered, steampunk-inspired trike. With the help of American Wranch, a custom motorcycle shop, Shatner is able to take his wildest fantasizes and turn them into twisted reality.

The design is completely outlandish. It’s a trike, so obviously there are three wheels. On top of those three wheels sits a single seat, strange handle-like things, tons of bodywork, and — you guessed it — plenty of rivets.

Good news is there’s a big, burly V8 smack dab in the middle. No idea how much power it puts out, but Shatner says he’s taking his V8-powered trike on a road trip from Chicago to LA later this Summer.

Source: Rivet Motors

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