ICON Thriftmaster

ICON is proud to debut the new ICON Thriftmaster Pick Up. Inspired by the 1947-53 Chevy 3100 five window classic pick up, this modern iteration is ready for adventure.

Make no mistake, while the look is vintage, the drive is decidedly modern. From the chassis engineering refinement, fuel injected supercharged aluminum emissions equipped V8, ABS four wheel disc brakes, to the sophisticated electronics, this truck has no peers.

ICON is a niche automotive brand based in Los Angeles, focused on revisiting classic automotive designs in a modern context. We celebrate the history while infusing the best state-of-the-art content, to create unique daily drivers rich in character and distinction. This new ICON will be built by hand in very low volume along side our other offerings; including the ICON Bronco, FJ series, and CJ series resto-mod vehicles.

This first, “Ultimate Edition” ICON Thriftmaster, comes in your choice of body color (matte or gloss finish), with your choice of manual or automatic transmission, naturally aspirated or with an intercooled supercharger. Otherwise, it comes one way… loaded. Standard equipment includes four wheel disc brakes, A/C, PW, PDL, Wi-Fi Hot Spot, Web-enabled Kenwood and Audison digital audio, NAV, tilt column, copious insulation, Bison hide seating, Wilton wool carpet, Alcantara headliner, smoked glass, and innovative brushed nickel plated trim with aircraft ceramic clear coat.

The performance and refinement is astounding. Never before has a classic pick up managed such comfort and handling. With approximately 435HP, there is plenty of power on hand. With Wilwood oversized disc brakes at all four corners, 60-0 is equally impressive. The Platform specific Art Morrison chassis is unparalleled in its balance and handling characteristics.

For 2014, ICON will build only five Ultimate Thriftmasters. Each will be signed and sequentially numbered. Pricing will be in the $230,000-$250,000 range. In the future, expect a wider range of ICON Thriftmasters.

Source: ICON Press

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