WaterCar Panther

The Panther is equally at home on the land or sea. Revolutionary in its design and engineering, a Watercar Panther takes you anywhere you want to go.

Thrill to its acceleration provided by a Honda V6 V-Tec motor, leave the high way behind thanks to its long travel off road suspension, travel at speeds over 40 miles an hour in the water courtesy of the panther jet, and do all this with the security of knowing you are surrounded by a state of the art revolutionary designed composite body... Nothing compares to driving a "panther".....Nothing

The culmination of all of the decisions through years, the trial and error, going back to the drawing board time after time is realized from your very first test drive. You will be absolutely blown away by the Panther. The Watercar team did a fabulous job of creating an extraordinary vehicle that is exciting, raw fun, yet incredibly practical. The team recognized the importance of engineering out the complexities typical of new innovations.

The Watercar team’s foundation is from the repair side; their collaboration of innovation was balanced by the unwavering commitment to reparability and maintainability. They were obsessed with making the Panther easy to repair and maintain.

Source: WaterCar Press

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