Bizzarrini P538

Bizzarrini's advanced ideas emerged again with the superb Bizzarrini P538S, P for posteriore, 53 for the 5300 cc Corvette engine, 8 for V8 engine and S for Sportcar. The first V-12 car was ordered by USA racer Mike Gammino.

This ultra low barchetta raced in the 1966 Le Mans (DNF) and was entered in 67 even but did not start (DNQ). In 1966, after a spin at the very start line, it lasted less than a half an hour and retired by a cracked oil pipe. During the short race time, the P538 was clocked as one of the fastest cars down the Mulsanne straight.

In 1968, Giugiaro rebodied one of the P538 as the famous Bizzarrini Manta. After some years in Sweden, it was dismantled for an extensive restoration. Later featured in various classics cars events, it now resides in USA.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014

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