Ford Police Interceptor Sedan

Made in America expressly for police duty, every Sedan and Utility comes equipped with common components. Engineered in Michigan and assembled in Illinois, they hail from the same platform so they can share key maintenance parts (no matter the powertrain), including the wheels, brake pads, rotors and calipers. Every Police Interceptor Sedan and Utility can also share their tires. This makes for proficient fleet management – supported by the earlier of 5-year or 100,000-mile Ford ESP PowertrainCARE coverage, plus more than 3,400 Ford Dealerships across North America.

Police-calibrated, Intelligent AWD isn’t an add-on package – for every Ford Interceptor, it’s a full-time, self-activating system that continually adjusts torque distribution during all conditions. And it’s easy to operate: “Just drive.” Preemptive torque is delivered by the millisecond among all 4 wheels to help maximize traction in snow or rain, on ice or gravel, and even when maneuvering on dry pavement. An active, on-demand coupler allocates a precise amount of torque from the front to the rear; up to 100% of available torque to either axle. There’s no delay in delivery, and no wayward noises or clunks emanate from the system. Aggressive handling at any speed is predictable and easy. Intelligent AWD was co-developed with EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operator Course) instructors for the utmost responsiveness and performance in challenging situations.

V6 output is just the ticket to optimize closing speed for rapid takedowns. Generating a formidable 365 hp, the twin-turbo, direct-injection EcoBoost V6 – tuned exclusively for police operations, and now available on both the Utility and Sedan – also delivers a powerful flat torque curve across the rev range. Output for the standard 3.7L V6 Interceptor Utility is a robust 304 horses. A 305-hp flex-fuel 3.7L V6 is standard on the Interceptor Sedan AWD, while the available FWD-configured Interceptor Sedan performs with a 288-hp, flex-fueled 3.5L V6. Naturally aspirated V6 muscle employs twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT) to help achieve peak power or efficiency, as conditions warrant.Shift points for the 6-speed automatic are programmed to maximize V6 acceleration. The transmission adapts to officer driving habits, tracking maneuvers for optimal response in cruising situations as well as pursuit mode. Police-tuned, electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) ensures light turning effort at low speeds. Suspension components are finely calibrated for deft maneuvering at any speed.

Heavy-duty steering and suspensions respond in the name of control, capability and comfort. Electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) adjusts to vehicle speed, crowned roads and crosswinds. For smooth, predictable, high-speed handling at every turn, the front and multilink rear suspensions are fully independent – each one also incorporates a sturdy stabilizer bar to combat body lean. Helical coil springs and stiffened, gas-pressurized hydraulic shocks are made for the rigors of police work. Premium hubs and bearings are extra large for extra-long durability.

The unique Ford designed underbody deflector plate helps divert debris and guard against scrapes – crucial to the integrity of the oil pan. The plate’s shape facilitates oil-filter changes. Heavy-duty anti-lock disc brakes contribute to extreme high performance. Because police vehicles don’t just need to go fast, they must halt rapidly – under control. Developed in association with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Michigan State Police, this long-wear-life system’s unique, inverted-hat vented rotors are paired with unique calipers and pads for high thermal capacity. Heavy-duty cooling system regulates extreme heat. The high-capacity radiator, engine oil cooler and transmission fluid cooler – working with the police-calibrated fan and grille – optimize operation in times of pursuit or periods of idling. Heavy-duty wheels are teamed with police-purposed tires. Hefty 18" steel wheels are designed to withstand the punishment of daily duty no matter where the trail leads. The 5-spoke design lets the brakes breathe freely and stay cool. Tires are constructed to maximize grip, handling, rigidity and tread wear. To keeps things rolling, the spare is not only full size, it’s equipped with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) sensor. Heavy-duty alternator meets demands. Ample support for radar, lights, radios, cameras, computers and more.
Heavy-duty door tethers strengthen hinge action during police work.

Twin-turbocharged AWD version joins the original 3.7L V6 model in the lineup. Fulfilling the #1 want from police departments across North America – along with members of the Ford Police Advisory Board – this pumped-up Police Interceptor Utility packs a lightning-quick, one-two punch of 365 hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque.Peak torque is available on demand throughout the rev range. Adding finesse to the firepower, the EcoBoost engine’s high-pressure, direct-injection system shoots a mist of vaporized fuel directly into cylinders during the intake stroke, allowing for free-breathing efficiency. This proven engine has been available in a variety of Ford vehicles, including the Police Interceptor Sedan and F-150 (over 40% of its owners prefer EcoBoost capability). With more power comes more design cues. Unique INTERCEPTOR badging is boldly spelled out across the front edge of the hood.

The front fascia takes on a unique guise. Exhaust tips get the bright treatment. A Ford designed deflector plate adds reinforcement to the undercarriage. And an enhanced PTU (Power Transfer Unit) cooler is available for EVOC training or any
continuous/extended track usage.

Since the launch of Ford Police Interceptors in 2012, the Utility accounts for more than half of all Ford Motor Company Police Interceptor sales. Law-enforcement agencies often have to upfit vehicles with additional equipment, but still feel the necessity for first-responder, pursuit-capable performance and handling. Now, with a choice of pursuit-rated Utility models – highlighted by the enticing new 3.5L EcoBoost flagship – there’s absolutely no need to compromise. The common vehicle platform allows for shared components (among both Utility and Sedan), including tires, wheels, brakes, seats, powertrains and maintenance items. Without a doubt, fighting crime is more fiscally responsible and physically responsive than ever.

For agencies looking to maximize fuel economy, Ford offers a front-wheel drive Sedan powered by the turbocharged, direct-injection 2.0L EcoBoost® I-4. Performance figures peak at 240 hp and 270 lb.-ft. of torque. This purpose-built, non-pursuit-rated Special Service vehicle retains the essentials that go into a pursuitrated Police Interceptor® Sedan, such as safety (including rear-impact testing), durability and upfit features. While parts commonality remains an integral element, the unique fascia accommodates an Active Grille Shutter System that manages airflow to optimally balance engine cooling and aerodynamics. Accessory friendly, the 200-amp alternator helps power almost everything an officer could need. A quasi-dual exhaust sports bright tips. Tires are H-speed rated. And unique nameplate badging designates SPECIAL SERVICE POLICE. Taking into account its enviable EPA-estimated ratings, the Special Service Police Sedan is the sensible choice to fulfill the need for a capable vehicle boasting the DNA of a Police Interceptor. The bottom-line savings potential could be significant. Based on EPA-estimated ratings, when driving/idling 30,000 miles per year – common for police-agency work — and with a gas price of $3.24 per gallon, this new Sedan could save $3,406 per year in comparison to the V8 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor; or $1,100 annually versus the 3.5L Ti-VCT V6 Police Interceptor Sedan with FWD.

Source: Ford Press

Ford Police Interceptor Sedan