Pontiac Safari

1967 Pontiac Safari (1958-1991 Era)

General Motors discontinued its unique sport wagon body at the end of the 1957 model year, and hence forth, all full-size station wagon models produced by Pontiac would be named for their series, and as Safaris. While a two-door Safari was fielded in 1958 in Pontiac's Chieftain range, it shared its body with Chevrolet's price leader Delray station wagon. Both models came with few features and were popular with tradespeople and small businesses.
Many Pontiac models fielded Safari labeled variants including the Astre, Bonneville, Catalina, Executive, Grand Ville (Grand Safari), LeMans/Grand LeMans, Parisienne, 6000, Sunbird, and Tempest.
The last Pontiac to carry the Safari name alone was the late 1980s station wagon version of the full-size Parisienne. After Parisienne sedans were discontinued in 1986, the station wagon continued on for three more model years renamed and sold as simply Safari.
1989 was the last year Safari was sold as its own Pontiac model but not the last year the Safari name was used. The 1991 6000 station wagon, sold as the Pontiac 6000 LE Safari, was Pontiac’s last model to carry a Safari designation. Also, GMC continued to use the Safari name for its minivan model through 2005.

Source: Wikipedia (2014)

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