Ford Mustang Villain by CR Supercars

This is the 1968 Ford Mustang Villain by Classic Recreations. The company showed off this wonderful Mustang at this year’s SEMA Show to launch its new CR Supercars division. The Mustang was built in collaboration with Centerforce Clutches and the pair have created a car that just oozes villainy.


The outwards appearance is all new, although you’d never know it just by looking at the car. Classic Recreations used 3D molding technology to re-sculpt the body panels to make them both lighter and aerodynamically useful, but keep with the original lines of the car.


The inside gets done up in full racing guise with Recaro seats and even a roll cage.


In the engine bay is a brand new 5.0L Coyote V8 that was tuned from Ford Racing pumping out 420hp mated to a 6 speed T-56 transmission backed by a Centerforce multi-disc clutch.

What makes this Mustang even better is that the company redesigned the suspension and brakes of the car, so it wouldn’t only just go in a straight line, but be able to corner just as well as the modern version.

Ford Mustang Villain by CR Supercars