Ford RS160 WRC Concept by Ken Nagasaka

The goal of the Ford WRC Concept is to stimulate the potential market by introducing new type of affordable hot hatch and appealing to WRC. It will also continue to enhance the Ford Brand in the compact segment.

The RS160 was approached from three aspects: competition in WRC, consumers in the market, and applicability to video games.

For the best performance on WRC, this vehicle has following features.

1. Ideal mid-engine layout (1.6L inline 4 cylinder turbo engine by WRC regulation). It helps to realize the aero-efficient proportion and the best maneuverability.
2. Wings are integrated into each fenders which create downforce to each wheel effectively.
3. Efficient cooling system (Radiator in the front, and turbo intercooler on the roof).

For consumers and spectators, the goal was to create a styling and would remain very iconic. The look is athletic and agile, and functional parts are recognizable by the accent blue color. It could also be an affordable compact for the production spec.

Source: Ken Nagasaka

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