Koenigsegg Rage Concept by Thebian Concepts

The Koenigsegg ‘RAGE’ Concept was created by Thebian Concepts, and after giving it a quick once over, it looks identifiably like a Koenigsegg.

At the front, the RAGE nose and spoiler resemble an evolution of the current Agera. Follow those lines back, and the rakishly sloped windshield and louvered roof look like a clean snip from the CCXR. And at the back, Maher keeps the breed consistent with a center-routed single exhaust.

Thebian hasn’t however noted his prospective engine of choice, but if the RAGE’s powerplant continues on track with its Koenigsegg design language…you can bet there’s a big supercharged V8 somewhere underneath those haunches.

Source: Thebian Concept

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Koenigsegg Rage Concept by Thebian Concepts