Mercedes-Benz SL GTR Concept by Mark Hostler

In tribute to the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, designer Mark Hostler -- whom you may remember for the Lamborghini Ferruccio concept -- designed what he's calling the Mercedes SL GTR Concept. A Nissan GT-R-powerd Mercedes supercar.

In order to relive the CLK's racing history, the designer made sure that the SL GTR Concept was as sleek and sophisticated as possible. Pairing signature Mercedes-Benz styling to a set of streamlined aerodynamic lines, the SL GTR is one of the sleekest concept cars we've seen to date.

Under the hood, we're met with an impressive powertrain via a Nissan GT-R. A 5.5-liter V8, sitting on top of a Nismo-inspired racing chassis, suspension, brakes and tires. It's a little bit of German, and a little bit of Japanese mixed into this jaw-dropping concept.

Source: Mark Hostler

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