Cam Shaft Porsche 911 GT3 Martini

In the present case, the Kempen foiling specialists have given the Porsche 911 (997) GT3 a completely new outfit.

First, the full-scale foil covering is a pearly white for 2,400 Euro. Another 900 Euro must be added for the individually customized Martini racing design, which runs, beginning in the front under a headlight, mounting upwards at the car door over the top to descend on the other side downwards.

Herein, imagination and fantasy are (nearly) without any limits. Things that are in many cases not even self-evident, are for Cam Shaft almost regularity, namely the foil wrapping of the car entrances and the visible door edges. By the way, this after all essential necessity demands another 750 Euro. But the result reached by foiling is really great.
Before the outfit change of the 3rd generation of this GT3 racing car, there was made a CAM SHAFT in-house PP performance engine optimization, enhancing the engine performance from 409-hp (305 kW) up to 429-hp (320 kW), demanding another 1,899 Euro. Furthermore, Cam Shaft recommends to use v 3 KW coilovers – in order to enhance the driving dynamics.

And finally, the original GT3 rims for a price of 480 Euro in matt black powder-coated by AG-Felgenveredlung Krefeld, rim ennobler and cooperation partner, round out the whole picture.

Source: Cam Shaft Press

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