Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Rat Rod

In the world of custom built hot rods there are nice cars, and there are cars that go to major shows and get handed trophies for just showing up. But once and a while you will come across rides like this 1947 Chevy 3100. Which would more than likely fall into the classification of “Rat Rod.” But leave it at that and you would never know that this 3100 is capable of 200mph speeds! That’s not a typo, this old Chevy has been completely modified with a custom frame, legit NASCAR Chevrolet 358 V8 and heavy duty suspension capable of outperforming almost anything that we have seen over the past few months. It has made quite an impact here already as this “Rat Rod” has already become one of the biggest attractions in our showroom.

The Rat Rod craze has stormed on the scene over the past decade and a half. It has quickly become some of the most sought after cars because of their drivability appeal, and their wicked cool looks. A lifetime of use has left this 3100 with a body that normally would be destined for the dump. However someone made the right call by choosing not to restore it and leave it in its current condition. That in itself is the beauty of this ride, it’s a ride that you could purchase today and drive home (that’s right its 100% street legal and titled) without worrying about picking up some nicks in the paint. The flaws give the body some serious character and a very unassuming overall look. But buyer beware, this rat rod is way more than just a weekend cruiser. Given that the engine produces over 800 horsepower and the total weight of the truck is just north of 1800lbs, and you have a power to weight ratio that would make a brand new Lamborghini jealous. In fact the previous owner has claimed that he was recorded at Virginia International Raceway of reaching over 160mph behind the wheel of this truck!

Approaching the truck, it’s difficult to not be taken with its low sleek profile. At the front of the wildly unique ride you’ll find a chrome Chevrolet grille (or Chelet as it reads), sure the chrome has dents and flaws, but once again that’s the beauty of this ride, it’s solid the way it sits and is built to be enjoyed. Below the grille is a NASCAR style front splitter that hangs below two functioning headlights. Above the headlights you’ll find a gold spittoon that protrudes from the hood and acts as the air filter for the beast of an engine that lies below. Crossing over the massive front fenders are the custom headers that shoot out of the engine bay and transition down to side pipes that make an incredible roar. Besides the custom eyelid front visor and chrome door handles, the truck is nearly free of any excess hardware. At the back you’ll see that the bed and tailgate has been removed to make room for the custom NASCAR style chassis and rear suspension. However, at the back you will find functioning LED brake lights wrapped in chrome trim and a carbon fiber rear spoiler to provide stability if you decide to unleash the over 800 horsepower.

Pull the three hoodpins and lift the hood past the spittoon and you’ll reveal the Richard Childress Sprint Cup Chevrolet SB2 Chevrolet that produces a staggering 820HP, and 770 lb./ft. of torque. Below Recently serviced by Petty Garage in October of 2013, the 358 is fed by a Holley 4 barrel carburetor that sends fuel from a racing spec 32 gallon fuel tank into a GM branded aluminum intake. At the sides of that intake, awesome valve covers sit above the one-off custom headers that were built specifically for this truck. Ignition is handled through an MSD ignition box to an MSD distributor that’s equipped with Federal Mogul Performance wires. Accessories include: a race proven dry sump oil system that hangs in the back of the truck, a heavy duty artic chill radiator, electric fuel pump, convenient C&R aluminum oil filter housing and every line features high flow fittings to ensure that the engine is never starved of fuel or oil.

Put this truck on a lift and you would guess that you were looking under a hundred thousand dollar racing machine. It starts behind the 800hp Cup engine where you will find a NASCAR approved EMCO 4-speed manual transmission that sends all that power to a Winters quick-change rear axle. It’s clear that the custom frame was assembled by someone that works within the motorsports industry as the welds and design look good enough to be found under a Cup car. Up front you’ll find an adjustable Pro Shocks coil-over front suspension that is equipped with a large front sway bar and a power rack and pinion steering. At the back a 4-link rear suspension setup holds the quick-change rear-end and is equipped with Pro Shocks coil-over shocks and Eibach springs. Also in the rear you’ll find the 32-gallon fuel tank, fuel filter, and massive dry sump oil system. But don’t fret the fuel and oil lines have been cleanly tucked away and protected properly. Stopping power comes courtesy of 4-wheel disc brakes and in front of those brakes you’ll find 15” and 20” wheels that ride on Wilwood hubs. Putting the power to the pavement is 225/45ZR15 front tires while at the rear you’ll be amazed to find massive 33×22.00R20LT Mickey Thompson’s providing incredible grip.

Open the doors and you’ll find an extremely custom aluminum interior that continues the performance theme. Simply put, “strap in and hang on” perfectly describes this interior. Void of distractions like a radio or air conditioning, this interior features a custom aluminum design with hand riveted tan accent pieces. On the floor you’ll notice the square tubing NASCAR inspired frame looks brand new and provides way more safety then the exterior lets on. The two bucket aluminum seats are outfitted with a 4-way harness system and are bolted directly to the custom frame. In front of the driver, a three spoke satin black steering wheel spins in front of AutoMeter elite gauges and the Longacre ignition controls. Between the driver and passenger is a center console that doesn’t provide any storage, instead it simply houses the controls for the aforementioned NASCAR 4-speed manual transmission.

The sale of this insane ride includes a copy of the February 2014 issue of Hot Rod magazine where it appears, and receipts from the latest engine rebuild from Petty Garage.

If you are tired of the barrage of Camaros and Mustangs at your local car show and are looking for a way to stand out and stop everyone in their tracks, then this is the truck for you. With its heavy NASCAR inspired theme and sending over 800hp to the rear wheels, this “Rat Rod” is not for the faint of heart. In fact, this could easily be the world’s fastest ’47 pick up! Fully street legal, this 3100 is ready to take home awards and provide a lifetime of enjoyment for a lucky buyer. Don’t miss your chance, this won’t last long under our showroom lights.

Source: RK Motors Press

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