JE Design Seat Leon FR SC TDI

Sporty and elegant JE DESIGN presents the new Seat Leon FR SC with TDI engine. With a significant increase in performance, a sporty aerodynamic kit and fire red accents, the Spaniard finished lifts from the production model. An improved suspension and striking light alloy wheels document the stricter approach by JE DESIGN. engineers from the Baden-Württemberg Leingarten have the controller optimized and now spendieren The two-liter TDI engine more power. The powerful diesel in the FR is now making 210 hp (154 kW) instead of 184 hp (135 kW) with a maximum torque of 430 Newton meters (series: 380 Nm).

The three-door FR with TDI engine is generous with its charms. It carries the power increase to visually show. JE DESIGN offers a complete aerodynamics package in carbon-look. The front spoiler sucks the front on the street, the side skirts calm down the air flow and pass it on to the rear apron (€ 298) more. Two stainless steel tailpipes on both sides to emphasize the sporty appearance. The tailpipes have a diameter of 80 millimeters. The complete muffler has an EC type-approval. All aerodynamic components JE DESIGN offers exclusively in carbon-look. The advantage: Ornate painting omitted.

Lowering springs provide Meanwhile, for improved road holding and greater depth on FR TDI. The Leon crouches so 30 millimeters closer to the tarmac. Anyone who wants to reduce the distance to the road individually, accesses a KW coilover suspension made ​​of stainless steel. This allows the car between 35 and 65 millimeters lower. For the highest standards JE DESIGN also offers to train and rebound adjustable KW coilover suspension Variant 3 in, JE DESIGN has developed for the Seat Leon alloy wheels of type "Scorpio". In matt black finish with matt silver front fill in the dimension 7.5x18 inch the wheel arches.

Source: JE Design press

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JE Design Seat Leon FR SC TDI