Bulleta RF22

It is the goal of the designer to awaken and keep alive emotions. A Vehicle is perceived with one's senses. The RF22 was designed with human and organic lines in mind.

It was important not to follow short lived design trends but rather to have a design philosophy with lines that are unique and classic to endure time that are characterized both by technical and emotional intelligence. The RF22 was designed by acclaimed automotive designer Samir Sadikhov.

The wheels of the RF22 are the world's first all Carbon Fiber wheels saving critical unsprung weight and making the RF22 lighter during high performance turns. The Carbon Fiber weaves are engineered in the correct directions, making them the strongest and lightest carbon fiber wheels made. They have been thoroughly tested for high impact, severe bumps and simulated for hundreds of rounds around The Ring.

Born from the application of aerospace derived technology and thanks to the extraordinary light weight of carbon-ceramic discs, the car has a better handling, improving performance by making each corner of the car lighter. Carbon Ceramic brakes resist deformation under heat; allowing predictable and reliable braking under extreme conditions. RF22's Carbon Ceramic Disk Brakes make each corner considerably lighter resulting in better handling.

The RF22's composite body is made of GRP Composite (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or optional Carbon Fiber.

The Bulleta designed supercharger forces more air into the engine combustion chambers resulting in more power. Larger turbines allow the supercharger spin slower and to remain cooler; keeping overall engine temperatures low.

The Ideal placement for a performance car's engine is in the middle of the car, behined the driver. The driver is able to feel the engine and as it revs, becoming more bonded to the car.

Source: Bulleta Motors Press

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