Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Limited Edition

Toyota is well known for building ultra-reliable passenger cars and trucks. With the introduction of the Land Cruiser 70 limited-edition, however, the automaker further enhances its reputation, this time by creating a highly capable off-road vehicle.


The Land Cruiser 70 is built on a closed ladder frame reinforced with cross braces to offer extra rigidity when crossing rough terrain. Buyers can choose between a four-door van model that offers superb writing comfort or a double cab design that can easily accommodate four passengers.

The body styling of the new model is in line with Land Cruisers of the past, which, given Toyota’s penchant for outstanding design, is certainly no weakness. A 30th anniversary commemorative logo is emblazoned on both sides of the body.


Like the exterior, the cockpit of the new Land Cruiser pays tribute to its predecessor by remaining simple, with an emphasis on functionality and basic comfort. The instrument panel has been upgraded, and designers have added SRS airbags along with ABS breaking for additional safety. A leather maintenance record holder and key case add a touch of luxury to the Land Cruiser’s no-nonsense interior design.


The Japanese are thrifty people, long known for making the most out of limited resources. Given this, the V6 4 L engine at the heart of the new Land Cruiser is gargantuan by past standards. In keeping with Toyota’s technological leadership, however, it offers fuel and performance-enhancing innovations like variable valve timing, extensive use of aluminum components, and an acoustic control induction system (ACIS).

The transmission is a five-speed manual with on-demand four-wheel-drive. The driver can easily switch from 2 to all-wheel modes, making the new Land Cruiser an ideal ride for both city streets and dirt paths. An optional differential lock makes the dangers of getting bogged down in wet or muddy terrain an unlikely prospect indeed. With its combination of cutting-edge innovations and proven features, the new Land Cruiser 70 is yet another feather In Toyota’s cap.


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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series Limited Edition