The KiraVan is one part Unimog and one part fifth-wheel camper. Up front, a modified Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck chassis supports a four-door cabin, putting 260-horsepower and 700lb-ft of torque to the ground through a six-cylinder turbodiesel.

Out back, the 52-foot trailer comprises sleeping compartments, a full kitchen, two computer workstations, a bathroom, a private area solely for Kira’s use, and Ferren’s turbodiesel KiraBike, located on a rear elevator. If the going gets too tough, power can be sent to the trailer’s rear wheels – offering 6x6 operation up to 25mph.

Features and techy toys abound inside the vehicle, including access to an extensive server-based media library, precision 3D location and navigation tools, and even a reconnaissance drone.

All in all, occupants can conquer planet Earth’s toughest terrain without having to worry about running low on fuel, both combustibles and digestibles. The KiraVan can carry 170 gallons of diesel or biodiesel, which provides up to 2000 miles of fill-up-free driving range, or the equivalent of New York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico, on one tank. Ample food and water storage permits a crew of three people to go three weeks with restocking vittles.

Source: KiraVan

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