Schmidt Revolution Audi R8

The Germans most treasured possession is their cars. A unique and outstanding example of a German supercar caught the eye of the automotive photographer Jordi Miranda last month, the unmistakeable Audi R8. Any car enthusiast wouldn't notice the extensive modification to this sportscar. To ordinary folk the car might catch their eye for its outstanding paint job, but we are sure at second glance the extensive modifications on this car will be noticed.

The Audi R8 wasn't only lowered into the tarmacs but is also expanded to more than 2 meters in width. The front fenders and the rear valance are individually designed and built in small batch. The aim is an outstanding car design - made to order. Wide body transformations with their spacious wheel arches will be filled with matching wheel- and tire conversions.

Only experienced and gifted craftsmen can do such kind of job. The company Schmidt GmbH in Germany is one of them( In northern Germany they are producing bespoke German Tuner wheels. Most of their wheels are modular and equipped with Radinox lips. All these rims are designed and tested for the use at a steady speed of 150mph and faster on the endless German "autobahn".
Any projected car will be measured accurately. Only when all the relevant location points are scanned into 3D the body transformation will start. In accordance with the individual requirements of each customer the Tuner builds a new and unique car.

This Audi is such an individualized car. The R8 was modified at Triple-X in Bochum. These experts have modified the front and rear wheel arches to take deep dished wheels. Schmidt GmbH produced the set of concave and dished FS-Line wheels. The split rims are designed flush with the wheel arches.

Source: Schmidt Revolution Press

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