ICON Helios Concept

From Jonathan Ward, founder of ICON: As ICON has continued to grow and evolve, I have been blessed with a community of support for our antics, and clients that really have allowed us to bloom and continue to explore our founding perspective. Although almost all of our projects thus far have been recreations (resto-mods, or whatever they are…) inspired by vintage vehicles, I am fascinated about the concept of revisiting history in our own way. To me, the most interesting way to do this is by celebrating a particular era of design, or design language. More interesting still, is when we start to think about what could have happened, had history gone a different way. This “revisionist” approach to transportation design has filled my little brain with tons of ideas and theoreticals.

This one has literally been keeping me up at night. Consider the following:

If it was not for the austerity brought on by the Great Depression and WWII…
If the industrial revolution had not introduced a perversion where quantity rules over quality and details…
If the automotive industry (at large) had taken inspiration from aircraft perhaps 10-15 years earlier than they did…
If the American Coachbuilder scene had continued to flourish…

If Howard Hughes, around the time that he created the DC-1 experimental plane (and before he went totally bonkers…), had too many martinis with Gordon Buehrig and Buckminster Fuller at the Beverly Hills Hotel Cabana… what would they have dreamt up?

In keeping with the founding premise at ICON, of fusing vintage design with the best modern drive experience and technology, I can think of no better platform to build this on, than the Tesla. I have such great respect for the company and the creative spirit of Mr. Musk, plus the S is a blast to drive. This project is currently only a concept, but one that I will move mountains to figure out how to get built! If I do not see it created, it will drive me (even more) crazy! This design could be realized with a variety of chassis and power plants. At this stage, we are looking for a client interested in working with us to create this unique rolling sculpture. JW


The ancient Greek god of the sun, represented as driving a chariot across the heavens; identified by the Romans with Sol.

Source: ICON press

ICON Helios Concept