Lola MkVI GT

Lola was one of the top chassis suppliers in the 1960s. After his small front-engined sports cars came various single-seaters including Formula Junior, Formula 3, Formula 2 and Formula 1 cars.

Broadley designed Lola Mk.6 coupe fitted with the Ford V8 engine. Ford took a keen interest in this and paid Broadley to put the company on hold for two years and merge his ideas with Roy Lunn's work, giving rise to the Ford GT40. Broadley managed to release himself from this contract after a year and started developing his own cars again, starting off in sports cars with the Lola T70 and its successors (T16x, T22x) which were used successfully all over the world from the World Championship for Makes to the CanAm series, until 1973. Recently, Lola announced that a new batch of T70 coupés, to the original specifications, will be released.

These will be homologated for historic racing and there is talk of a one-make series for the cars.

Source: Wikipedia, 2014
Photo Credit: RM Auctions

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