Local Motors Rally Fighter

Looks like a race car, rides like a luxury vehicle. A rugged tube chassis construction complemented with all the requisite creature comforts. This 50-state street legal off-road desert racer is at home on the open road, the daily commute, and on the most challenging desert terrains. The Rally Fighter by Local Motors, the ultimate expression of power, performance and prestige.

Buying a Rally Fighter is more than just buying a car. When you purchase one of these vehicles, you also get a one-of-a-kind Build Experience. Designed for any skill level; the novice, the automotive enthusiast, or the professional builder, you will work alongside our team of experts to build your Rally Fighter from the ground up.

Choose either a 1-week build experience or join us at the Micro-Factory for two 3-day build sessions. You will contribute to more than 50% of the vehicle’s build. From final assembly of the Chevy E-ROD LS3 engine to running the brake lines, from installing the transmission to selecting your interior options and your one-of-a-kind custom car skin, you will drive off our lot in a Local Motors Rally Fighter that is uniquely you.

Source: Local Motors press

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