ATS Sport 1000

The new ATS SPORT my 2015 is a total new updated version of the previous ATS SPORT 1000.

Now the SPORT (the name is changed loosing the 1000) has a full CSAI/FIA homologation for the chassis and crash box to get the passport for racing worldwide in different kind of racing, from circuit to hill climbing.

The new car has over 100 upgrades since the 2012 model, from a new stainless steel chassis with FIA rollbar now available also made in Cromo Molibdenum steel that reduce the weight to 45kgs of the whole chassis.

The Body has been areodinamically updated with new shapes that give more protection at the cockpit. ATS, thanks to new official suppliers, can offer now as standard on all new ATS SPORT my 2015, Ohlins dampers, AIM MXL instrument, Sparco removeable steering and harnesses, Tarox 6 pots front and rear calipers with vented discs all around, Tillet seats, Quaife Limited Slip differential and Avon tires.

The new ATS SPORT offer also fully adjustable pedal box with CNC machined pedals, a full stainless steel custom made exhaust system, a rose joint kit, 15" split rims alloy wheels, stainless steel fuel tank with explosafe and double fuel pump, alloy water radiator with air control system and remote oil cooler.

The cars developed around the exclusive underbody with high efficency downforce effect, that linked to the spoilers gives up to 1150kgs of downforce.

The ATS SPORT 2015 can be ordered without the engine, it is possible to install any 4 cylinder bike engine, or ATS can offer a ready to drive ATS SPORT 380 with 1300cc ATS Extreme 185 hp engine at 11000 rpm with 6 speed sequential gearbox that gives 380 hp per ton, or 480 hp per ton with the 1400cc ATS Extreme 325hp engine or the amazing SPORT 540 with a 1600cc 255hp engine for 540 hp per ton.

Performances depend about the engine and gear ratio but can start from 2.5 sec. 0-100kmh and over 250 kmh for over 3 g of cornering with slick tyres.

The new ATS SPORT it easy to maintain and ideal for racing and track days but for some markets can be also road registered with a specific road kit.

The ATS SPORT is offered LHD or RHD but also center drive for some specific racing use.

The list of options can offer a full carbon fiber body, big brake kit, center lock forged wheels, TTX Ohlins dampers, AIM data logging kit, FIA fuel tank, paddle shift kit, xenon lights and much more. Each car is individually tailored on customer specifications.

Prices start from 33.000 euros for the ATS SPORT version called "READY to POWER" that needs the drive train, the ready to driver ATS SPORT instead starts from 48.850 euros.

The car is already available in Europe and will be available in 2015 also in US market and other markets around the World.

Source: ATS Press

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